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Add-On Apps

In addition to our recommended software solutions, we use the latest cloud-based add-on solutions to deliver exceptional results for businesses in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and across Australia.

With these add-ons, you can get more out of your online bookkeeping, payroll and HR programs. We can integrate these apps with your existing bookkeeping software, allowing you to manage a range of processes in one easy-to-use portal.


This project management software allows you to monitor staff timesheets, streamline quoting and invoicing, track job timelines and assign tasks. This add-on is owned and operated by Xero, so the integration of the two systems is seamless. By managing projects and creating invoices in WorkflowMax and pushing the relevant data to your Xero account, you can save yourself several hours of time each month.

receipt bank

Receipt Bank

Making your bookkeeping faster, easier and more efficient, Receipt Bank allows you to upload receipts and invoices while you’re out of the office. You can add your entire team for a top-down view of how your business is tracking and create rules that tell the program when and where to transfer information for transactions, suppliers and different payment methods.



Your ultimate tool for HR management, Deputy creates fully costed employee schedules with ease. This application also lets you send team notifications in a single click and export all data to your payroll software, eliminating the need to manually input timesheet data. Your staff can use the platform to connect, share important messages and contribute to workplace discussions from their smartphones.

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