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Small Business Bookkeeping

From lawyers to financial planners and engineers, our Australia-wide bookkeeping services are specially tailored to professional services firms.

We’re taking a stand against the paperwork that’s holding back businesses across the professional services industry. Our individualised bookkeeping services, ongoing support and training in accounting software will put you back in control.

With experience working for clients in the professional services industry, we establish systems to relieve the pressure of regular bookkeeping and BAS preparation and lodgement. With the right systems in place, you can easily assign costs to clients, track the value of each project and issue online invoices. And that’s just the start of what we can do for you. We also provide real-time cash flow and financial reporting, so that you never feel as though you’re in the dark.

In order to effectively assist clients in many different industries, we have extensive knowledge in:

Leap for solicitors and conveyances

Share market software

Trust accounting for real estate

Managing time-based billing

Project management and time billing software implementation

Integrating PayPal and other online payment systems with Xero

Save time by uploading your documents straight to the cloud and we’ll complete your bookkeeping remotely. We can also integrate workflow software with Xero and other online accounting programs, so you can access your staff timesheets and process payroll without added fuss.

We understand the needs and pain points experienced in professional services industries and have the knowledge, experience and software to make your business life much easier.

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