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HR Support

Our expert team prepares robust employee agreements and workplace policies for businesses in Newcastle, the Hunter Valley and throughout Australia.

Staff are a vital part of business success, but not every organisation can afford to have in-house HR support. That doesn’t mean you can’t equip your business with a professional HR framework.

If you are ready to step up your HR processes and implement legally sound agreements and policies, we can provide you with professional, cost-efficient HR support. Our integrated software assists with the preparation of employee documentation and simplifies the full spectrum of HR processes.

Providing tailored HR support is part of our commitment to streamlining the administrative side of your business. Now you can have your finances, HR policies, employee confidentiality agreements, employee management and employee induction handled in a single service that is developed specifically to address the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

Whether you’re looking to hire new staff or change the nature of an employee agreement, our HR software will create professional legal documents in no time at all. Our system will also allow you to develop important induction and disciplinary business policies, ensuring you are covered for every possible situation.

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